FE-810 Auto Thread Cutting Device

FE-810 Auto thread cutting device

‧ Increase 35% productivity.
‧ Save 75% electricity.
‧ Save 70% thread usage (save 1 on 4 threads).
‧ Save air.
(Completion of one process within one second)
The costs of the device can be returned
within a year
; use more you will save more.

Model form for overlock machine (286 KB)
Sensor: Auto foot lifter by fabric induction
Side-cutter: Individual operating, every sewing only cut 3 times no matter length (Front*1 Rear*2), less waste for the knife and won't cut the fabric. Easy and safe operation, no hand gesture request, suitable for 3,4,5 and 6 threads.
Suction: Only open when cutter start, effectively save air, inside front cover has an individual suction design can take away the cotton fibers from sewing.
Thread tension: Also open when cutter start, adjusting thickness between threads and cut off, effectively save threads.
Motor: Cooling by air suction from 4 directions, effecitvely cooling, less vibraction , no consumable。
Complete set including: Side-cutter, Foot lifter, Sensor, LED light, Thread tension, Suction, Direct drive servo motor.Easy operation, no gesture request, really reaches thread, air, electricity and labor saving!
Attachment FE-810Fast sewing

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FE-810 Installation video